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Elf, QunariHuman


I’ve been itching to make a Dwarf Inquisitor concept for the past few days and I finally did it. Also have a pair of goof dwarves freaking out BECAUSE LIGHTNING HANDS.

Uneven companion number. #NO QUNARI FEMALE!?


David Gaider:

I’ll just jump in and say this:

There seems to be quite the laser-like focus on party members. Understandable, perhaps, considering those are the characters with whom you spend a great deal of time…but if we’re to talk in terms of representation I’m a bit uncertain why 5:4 would be awesome and 6:3 somehow equates to horribleness on our part. Naturally your mileage will vary, in terms of what you want to see, and I won’t tell you what that should be.

We. however, approach the equation a little differently. We come up with roughly even numbers in our concepts, even across gender lines, across racial lines as well as across classes. We pick the concepts that we like the most, and while there’s always a point where we discuss diversity, there are many points of diversity we have to consider. Class diversity is perhaps highest on the list (in terms of gameplay utility), along with a diversity of viewpoints and how they intersect with the story. Gender diversity is also considered, but when we look at it in terms of representation, we look at it in terms of representation across the entire story—not just in the party.

Considering Inquisition takes place in a world where many (if not most) of the world’s power players are female (the ruler of Orlais, the head of the Chantry and the Circle of Magi, possibly the ruler of Ferelden and others…not to mention the many characters outside of the party with whom you will also be deeply involved. I can honestly say I don’t think we’re doing badly on that front, not enough to feel we should switch the gender of a character concept we like to hit an arbitary number in this one group of characters. It sounds like it might be easy to do, but that’s never been how character concepts come to be—we’re not just flipping switches on a variety of grids until we hit some perfect balance for every desire and then writing interesting stories.

If you disagree, and feel we’ve done poorly even short of seeing the rest of the cast, then so be it. I completely understand.

Insofar as the OP’s desire for a Qunari female character—I hear you, believe me. Sometimes it seems like we can never fit enough awesome concepts in one game. 

ahhhh perhaps anora will have a role in inquisition after all ??????


in latin instead of saying “i love you” you don’t say anything because it’s a dead language. nothing.  i think that’s beautiful.  just shut the fuck up

dwarf inquisitors with no prior connection to the fade being told they were seen walking out of it

dwarf inquisitors unfamiliar with and possibly distrustful of magic finding themselves suddenly endowed with arcane powers

dwarf inquisitors working tirelessly to repair a sky they’ve never quite been used to looking at

dwarf inquisitors (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


the issue with making an all-bi cast a mix of gay/bi/straight has a few prongs to it, none of them being that gay characters are included which is imo a great thing and what I was rooting for b4 this news

  • there is no need to introduce straight characters just bc you introduced gay ones. there is nothing to balance out, this is not a zero sum game, there is nothing to gain by limiting romance options further just bc gays got to & it’s spiteful
  • both gay and bi/pan/poly players who play same-gender romances now actually have fewer options and less representation bc one section of the romance pool is exclusive and unavailable to them. despite more ‘diversity’, the number of sg romances & lgb+ chars in existence has declined from ~9 to ~6
  • it absolutely panders to straight players who couldn’t stand the thought of their LI being a total flamer in someone else’s game
  • it absolutely panders to the idea that straight people must be included regardless of impact or necessity in order for something to be realistic, and that realism is in and of itself a thing that should be aimed for
  • there is no way to make a char straight rather than a previously considered other option w/out there being unfortunate implications about what constitutes an lgb+ person. this is a problem inherent in transforming a population from all lgb+ to no longer so
  • possibly the biggest issue is that in practice there will not be an ‘even’ split in the romance quality. having everyone be available to players of any gender was a safeguard that prevented straight characters from eating up all of the content but now that it’s removed you can guess from experience and demographic awareness what the results will be
    - the content differences in da:o and me3 romances were notorious. as has been pointed out, in da:o the straight characters were both clearly the most game-essential companions and had the most involved romances. in me3, the gay characters were introduced in the last game of a trilogy and weren’t even squad members, interaction with them was lacking and as much as I loved them they honestly felt like optional add-ons. 
    - when we split the system as a way of catering to all groups, the most Important group will inevitably get the best pick: the most major characters, the most interaction, the most fulfilment. the next pick is involving characters that whilst unsettling to them can also be available to this demographic (bi/pan/poly choices), and the final and least cared about is involving characters that exclude them (gay choices). no intense attention is going to go into characters whose content will not be played by the majority of gamers, this is the nature of a system that caters to ‘diversity’ and ‘realism’ rather than compassion

so I’ve seen other gay ppl celebrate this and yeah I’m with you friends, I for one am looking forward to getting the characters and romances that weren’t good enough for the straight demographic, I love scraps and not being able to access content, really gets me going




I don’t know his name but I think Ser Moustache Rides is pretty apt so far 
it’s sad i’m already planning romances in da; inquisition 


I don’t know his name but I think Ser Moustache Rides is pretty apt so far 

it’s sad i’m already planning romances in da; inquisition 


friend describing their oc: a dramatic backstory, flaws, personality and everything about oc is well written and deep

me describing my oc: “uh… he likes cats.”


frankly i want 0 straight women in DA3 ive mulled it over and i could not handle any of those women being heterosexual